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Weight Loss Tips

Once you decide that you want to lose that weight that has snuck up on you over the years then you are 50% of the way there! Just making the decision to make a change is a big step. But, where to start with this weight loss challenge?

There are so many different “diets” out there and every time you pick up a magazine they are saying something different, eat low fat, eat more fat, cut out carbs, eat more protein, eat just vegetables???

Well, the tried and true method in my mind is KEEP IT SIMPLE!! Less Calories In + More Calories Out….= Weight Loss

Key ingredients are EXERCISE and ACCOUNTABILITY

Combine a healthy balanced lean eating diet with consistent exercise and you are well and truly on the road to achieving your weight loss goals and you will start to see those toned muscles which you have always wanted.

Basically, you have gained weight over the years because you have consumed more calories than your body needs and these have been stored as excess fat, just in case of a famine ☺

Well, we know that here in NZ that isn’t going to happen! Good Nutrition requires results. Can you honestly say you are eating a healthy diet? If you are then you will have the results to prove this. There is no easy quick fix. Making the commitment to a life-style change and having friends and family on your side will get you your weight loss results.

One of the best ways to ensure you are getting the greatest benefit from your efforts is to use the services of a qualified fitness trainer, you will be amazed at how affordable this option is these days. Having a Personal Trainer is no longer just for the ‘rich and famous’. Being accountable and having a personal trainer who is giving you the direction and motivation you need you will achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

I guarantee you training with me will be far better than having an exercise buddy or trying to train alone, not only are you more likely to stick with your weight loss and exercise plan, your plan is designed especially for you personally, and I will give you the support, encouragement and motivation you need to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

So if you are serious about making that commitment to yourself to lose weight, get fit and look great, contact me using the contact form on here or just simply call me now! there really isn’t any reason to not do so.