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Workout Routines

At Fit You Personal Training – you get more than just your average, boring and repetitive workout routine, because I believe that exercising should be fun and enjoyable, and I make sure that every routine is varied and charged with energy, enthusiasm, camaraderie, laughter and fun!

At Fit You Personal Training, I take a fresh approach with my workout routines and incorporates the great outdoors, with workout routines using beaches, bush trails and nature reserves. With my boot camp, I take advantage of the long summer days and everything that gorgeous Muriwai has to offer:

  • The Muriwai Stairs (all 630 of them!)
  • Pretty hidden bush trails
  • Maori Bay Hill and beach
  • Muriwai Green
  • The endless black sand stretch of Muriwai Beach itself

Every routine is varied, charged with energy, enthusiasm, camaraderie, laughter and fun!

Boxing exercise is a new and different way to exercise and has become more and more popular, so I became a “Thump Boxing” trained Personal trainer and decided to incorporate the boxing classes into my training programmes – the routines are high energy, safe and a whole lot of fun!

There are also her Ladies Group Fitness classes where I use varied workout routines and techniques aimed at developing core strength, balance, agility and flexibility so that you can reap the benefits of getting fit and staying active.

For fun and inspirational exercise routines that will get you hooked on an active and healthy lifestyle – contact me today!